Serge Nubret At 50 Was Better Than Most Bodybuilders In Their Prime

One of the best physiques of all time.

Being a top athlete is something an individual can sustain for only so long. Being at the top of a given sport requires insane dedication, sacrifice, and self belief. Bodybuilding in particular requires an individual to have a certain amount of faith as far as their fitness journey is concerned. Sometimes it seems like you’re making zero progress, but bodybuilding is a journey of trial and error. You may not always see immediate results, but if you keep with it eventually you’ll see gains you seek. Like any other athletic endeavor it certainly gets more difficult as you get upwards of forty and fifty years of age.

IFBB legend Serge Nubret was an obvious exception.

Competing during the Golden Age of bodybuilding, the French born Serge Nubret was considered among the best in the world during his prime. He competed alongside bodybuilding stand outs Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. He was featured in the classic bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron which showcased just how impressive of a physique he possessed in his heyday. He even received second place to Arnold back at the 1975 Olympia.

But even after reaching the pinnacle of the sport Serge Nubret continued to compete. He had perhaps one of the most impressive physiques of a man above the age of fifty when he competed at the NABBA Worlds back in 1987. Even twelve years after taking second place at the Olympia, Serge Nubret was a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Just see for yourself in the competition video below.

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