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Does The Myth live up to the legend?

Every week, Iron Cinema will connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin. Giving you unprecedented inside access to the creative process behind his the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Get a first hand look at the entire journey of taking Vlad’s creative ideas to the big screen – from stories on set of films like Generation Iron and CT Fletcher all the way to exclusive behind-the-scene looks at our newest GI news and films. This week Vlad talks one on one with Sergio Oliva Jr about his future as a pro bodybuilder and the complicated relationship with his father – the legendary bodybuilder that rivaled Schwarzenegger.

When many people hear the name Sergio Oliva – their mind almost always goes to the legendary bodybuilder who rivaled Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the golden era of the sport. But now it’s his son, Sergio Oliva Jr, who has captured my attention… and is starting to get the attention of many other bodybuilding experts and fans in the industry. He’s recently earned his pro card and will soon be pitted against the greats currently competing for the Olympia title. Can he live up to, or even surprass, the legend of his father? I sat down with the up and coming athlete to get a true in depth look into what “The Myth” was really like and how Oliva Jr plans to move forward as a pro. Watch it in the video above.

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