Sergio Oliva Jr. Isn’t Competing At The Olympia

Sergio Oliva Jr. has different plans for his Olympia journey.

While many bodybuilding fans are readying themselves for the greatest show of the year, the competitors are doing the same with some intense training as well as monitoring their strict diets to ensure that they get themselves in the best condition possible. Fans can expect to see the best bodybuilders in the world hit the stage like Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson, as well as a host of other high level talent. Many fans were also readying themselves to see the second coming of the myth Sergio Oliva Jr. take to the stage and cement himself as a high level competitor to keep your eyes on. But it’ll be to the surprise of some that Sergio Oliva Jr. won’t be competing at the 2017 Olympia.

After winning the New York Pro, Sergio Oliva Jr. punched his ticket for the Olympia. But it appears that the son of the legend is opting out of competing to go on an extended off season. While there are some out there that would criticize such a move, the longer you spend thinking on it, the more it makes great sense.

For some people, simply competing at the Olympia is a dream come true. For the world to view you as one of the best of the best is a true honor and a irreplaceable experience. But if you’re planning to bring the best version of yourself to state then competing at the biggest show of the year in your second outing may not be the greatest of moves. If you’re planning to compete at the Olympia your goal should be to win. Sure, gaining experience with a loss can still eventually help in your potential conquest, but Sergio Oliva Jr. is looking at the endeavor in a different manner. He’d much rather bring the best version of himself to stage than to compete when he hasn’t realized his full potential. It shows that Oliva is looking at things from a perspective of total victory rather than simply being one of the pack.

Oliva confirmed he wasn’t competing in the post below.

Do you think Sergio Oliva Jr. is making the right decision?

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