Sergio Oliva Jr. Looks Monstrous in his Prep for the Arnold Classic

Sergio Oliva Jr. is putting in some serious work.

For every IFBB Pro there’s the untapped potential for supreme greatness. Being able to achieve IFBB Pro status is simply the first step upon the road of ultimate greatness. Living up to that potential can truly be a daunting task.

Living up to the legacy of former Olympia champion holds it’s own unique challenge.

Sergio Oliva Jr. is the son of a bodybuilding legend which heaps a ton of pressure on his shoulders. While many would buckle under that kind of pressure, Sergio Oliva Jr. is choosing to revel in it and utilize it as fuel.

Not long after his announcement of his upcoming participation in the Arnold Classic, Sergio Oliva Jr. is showing off his prep for the one of the biggest bodybuilding shows of the year. From the looks of things he’s taking his training to a whole new level.

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