Seth Feroce Discusses Abuse Of Steroids, Compares To Drug Addiction

Seth Feroce

Seth Feroce had an in-depth conversation on the use and abuse of steroids.

Seth Feroce has always been known for his views and speaking his mind about bodybuilding. Recently, it has gone to a new level as he has discussed the issue of steroids within the sport on many occasions. In a recent interview, the former bodybuilder compared the use of steroids to a drug addiction.

Feroce was a professional during the 2000s. He displayed an impressive physique using his size and conditioning on stage. Feroce knows a thing or two about steroids and this is why he has been outspoken against them all together. In  with Greg Doucette, another former professional, Feroce went deep into the feeling of steroids.

“I said that in a video about this possibly starting to potentially look like a little bit of an addiction problem. You love lifting weights. We all love lifting weights. We all chase the pump, or this something that is occurring, your bench is constantly going up,” Feroce explained.

Seth Feroce Highlights Psychological Effects Of Steroids

Seth Feroce explains how a person on steroids becomes addicted to the feeling in the gym. They will continue to see their numbers rise and their physique grow. This is how a person can “fall in love” with the drug.

“The crazy thing is, all of a sudden you fall in love even more so with a feeling a certain drug can give you because all these different steroids do all different things. That’s why I was attracted to them.

I was like, ‘I get to conduct my own science experiment on myself?’ This is the coolest thing in the world because you know, we are nerds to a certain degree.”

Seth Feroce continues to explain that he believes there is a connection mentally between steroids and working out. This is the main argument he makes when comparing it to a drug addiction.

“All that shit starts to come true. So, for people not to think there’s a mental connection that’s almost uncontrollable.”

“I became so attracted to that, like you said, when you go into the gym and all of a sudden, you’re constantly progressing. All the work you were doing as a natural bodybuilder or a gym rat or whatever, all those dreams that you had about getting a much fuller, rounder biceps, and capping your delts off, and having the traps into the capped delts, into the triceps, into the swooping chest.”

Both Seth Feroce and Greg Doucette went deep into the conversation during this interview. There has been a recent string of deaths that has hit the bodybuilding world hard. This has made many athletes question the use of certain PEDs when it comes to bodybuilding. Feroce continues to be one of the advocates against the substances.

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