Should you approach and flirt with someone at the gym?

SEX, LOVE, & BODYBUILDING – goes beyond the gym and the competition stage and into the bedroom. Hosts IFBB Pro bodybuilder Akim Williams and pro Bikini competitor Margarita Ventura discuss everything sex, love, and relationships within the bodybuilding world. No topic is off limits as Akim and Margarita often find themselves diving into taboo sexual topics that we all think but hardly say. New episodes air every Friday!

While serious bodybuilders enter the competitive arena because they have a passion for improving their physique to godly levels, many casual bodybuilders enjoy hitting the iron because they want to attract others. It’s a transformation story as old as time – hit the gym, lose weight, get stronger, attract more people for hook ups, dates, and what have you. But when you spend so much time in the gym – is it okay to use it as a social playground and hit on other people working out?

Akim Williams and Margarita Ventura debate whether it’s smart to hit on and even go on dates with people who frequent your gym. And for those who are going to hit on people in the gym anyways – they discuss the best tactics and pick up lines for attracting someone else in the gym. The main goal here is to not be a creep – so listen wisely from Akim and Margarita’s experiences so that you don’t make a fool of yourself and have to switch gyms. Check out the full episode of Sex, Love & Bodybuilding above!

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