Bikini competitor on the rise.

National bikini fitness queen Shakira Doughlin will make her first competitive appearance in 2018 at the Brazil Amateur Elite Pro Qualifier, from March 9 to 11.

She told NationNews:

“Preparation for my first contest of 2018 is going great. I have found new ways to improve and manage myself better towards my goals. I’ve had to make a necessary adjustment in show selection due to circumstances beyond my control, so my first contest will be in Brazil, a week later from the contest I had planned to participate in initially.”

Shakira works as a 28-year-old primary school teacher. Over the past two years she has competed 18 times, making her the most prolific athlete in the Barbados Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (BABBF). The Elite Pro Qualifier will see her battle a field of more than 30 competitors, most hailing from Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Shakira says that competing often is important, especially when the shows can offer exposure than lead to lucrative sponsorships and business partnerships.

She also said that the regional competitions offer her a solid foundation for international competitions:

“I have taken this approach because I was attempting to [get] more exposure on the international stage. Preparing for the global stage requires plenty of work and dedication and I have had to compete very often to make an impact. This year, I may opt to do the same number or closer to five contests.”

Doughlin will compete in Brazil twice this year, for a second time on the BABBF’s Arnold Classic Brazil team in April.

“This should be good prep for me. The plan is to improve at every turn and make impact. I am very determined to make my country proud and do my very best.”

Although she has yet to take home first prize in major regional competitions, Shakira believes that 2018 will be the year she truly achieves renown as a top South American bodybuilder.

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