Classic aesthetics exist in Men’s Open bodybuilding… but are they rewarded?

The ongoing debate between Classic Physique and Men’s Open bodybuilding does’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. A division that was created as an answer to the fan complaint of the Men’s Open mass monsters being too big and carrying distended stomachs.

But has that really fixed the issue or just diverted it? Shaun Clarida talks about the nature of aesthetics in Men’s Open – and how “classic” physiques do exist in the Men’s Open division… but they are simply not winning the shows. As he puts it – it’s possible to have a massive physique of a Mens Open bodybuilder and maintain the classic aesthetic. That’s the hard part. That’s the challenge. And in some ways, by separating it into two divisions… it takes a bit of that challenge away.

At the end of the day, Classic Physique proves to be a very successful division that has maintained a high level of excitement so far. Regardless of the original reason – Classic Physique is here to stay and we hope that it becomes a true standout in this already great sport.

Watch the full interview with Shaun Clarida above!


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