Shawn Rhoden Explains Why he was Overweight at Pittsburgh Pro Guest Posing

Shawn Rhoden addresses the masses about his weight gain.

The current reigning Olympia champion and bodybuilding standout Shawn Rhoden has faced some criticism as of late. Recently doing a guest posing at the Pittsburgh Pro event, Shawn Rhoden came on stage looking a bit different than how he did last September at the 2018 Olympia.

Essentially, Shawn Rhoden looked more than a bit overweight during his guest posing routine with his fellow Open Weight Bodybuilding competitors.

After the event, many have been putting in their two cents, trying to breakdown what happened to Shawn Rhoden and his Olympia level physique.

While to some the answer is pretty simple and straight forward (you can’t be shredded to the bone all year long), there are a great deal of people who still don’t understand why Shawn Rhoden looks a bit puffy in the off season.

Rather than allow speculation to run rampant, Shawn Rhoden has decided to address the issue head on in a recent Instagram post. Check out the post below by the Olympia champion.


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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening now that I have your attention let’s get real for a min. My name is Shawn Rhoden most of you call me Flexatron and I am human just like you. Just like you i put my pants on one leg at a time. I’ve been skinny and yes I do get fat in the offseason. (See pictures above) I’ve never hide who I am, where I’m from and I what I do. So for you guys looking to get more like or views on your page here you go. Every year I try to add balance to my life after the Olympia and try to normal, give my body a break and live a little. But come September I always show up ready to compete with the best of the best in this sport and hold my own. So until you are able to walk a mile in my shoes and accomplish what I have done in the 10yrs I’ve been a IFBB PRO, continue to do what you do and sit behind your keyboard and write about me and or any other pro. We all can’t walk around with a 6 pack 24 /7 but come show time we show up. So to all my fellow pro out there continue to live a little and don’t be afraid to enjoy your offseason. And for YOU yes you continue to make your post if it make you feel better. See you in SEPTEMBER and judge me there also. #thebestisyettocome #shawnrhoden #flexatron #mrolympia #bodybuilding #smileandwave #human @mrolympiallc @ifbb_pro_league @olimp_born_in_the_gym @olimp_sport_nutrition @therealtechnician @stanimal9 @guycisternino

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