Who became pro at the Sheru Classic 2018?

This past weekend saw the Sheru Classic 2018 – one of the biggest bodybuilding events in India holding an epic expo and even more epic pro qualifier bodybuilding competition. Many competitors duked it out for the overall winning spots and their right to hold a pro card. Who has joined the ranks as IFBB pro competitors? Check out the official overall results right here:

Sheru Classic 2018 Pro Card Winners

  • Bodybuilding Overall: Iman Rezaei (Iran)
  • Men’s Physique Overall; Seyed Ashkan Motaghian (Iran)
  • Men’s Classic Physique Overall: Vahid Nazari (Iran)
  • Women’s Figure Overall: Rita Jairath (India)
  • Women’s Bikini Overal: Navreet Joshan (India)

This is just the first of a handful of Sheru Classic branding pro qualifying competitions across the globe. Make sure to stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more results, news, and updates on all things bodybuilding.



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