Skinny Fat To Shredded: Akhash Vaghela Shares His Story and 5 Keys For Success

From skinny to shredded!

Akash Vaghela’s journey through personal fitness and competitive bodybuilding led him to establish his own online training company- RNT Fitness. Akash shared his story on MensXP.

Akash began as a skinny fat 17-year-old and went to the gym with friends with typical adolescent hopes of achieving a man’s physique. He says his hobby turned into an intense passion and he eventually abandoned his pursuit of a legal career to focus all his efforts on personal training.

Akash says he was neurotic about obtaining as much information as possible,

“I attended countless seminars, hired coaches and mentors, read 100s of books and spent hours and hours in the gym with clients and myself in search of what works and what doesn’t. I also studied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham, where I achieved a 1st class honors degree.”

He also worked as a private trainer in London for five years, and gave seminars across the world. But Akash knew that the best knowledge is experience, and so he decided to enter bodybuilding shows. He competed three times and qualified for the British finals on two of those events.

Akash believes that the biggest problem most people face is the sheer amount of information available. One can be lost in it and feel paralyzed.

“For years I made zero progress and was constantly spinning my wheels…our aim with RNT is to provide a one-stop place where you can learn how to maximize your results in the minimum amount of time, whilst educating you to enable long-term progression.”

He offers five keys to any fitness protocol. First is preparation, in terms of meals and mindset heading into a workout. Second is accountability, in the form of a coach and a competition stage that forces you to react to an objective observer. And, “I made it a point to tell everyone my goal, so I was held accountable to people I was with.” Third Akash says he had a great team of educational, physical, and emotional support around him. Fourth, he knew his why, laying out clear goals along the way. Fifth, he had a deadline- the competition. A clear deadline lends focus and urgency to every activity.

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