Simeon Panda Calls KENNY KO A Troll To His Face

Simeon Panda has a score to settle with KENNY KO.

Beef in the bodybuilding and fitness industry has become more and more common these days. With so many different fitness personalities, bodybuilders, and YouTubers in the space today, there are many differing opinions from a host of individuals that often times stir up the conversation.

One such individual is KENNY KO.

A YouTuber who has devoted his channel to calling out athletes and figures in the fitness for being dishonest to their fans and followers in some way, KENNY KO has stirred the pot more times than we can count. On many occasions he’s gotten things right while other times it’s been up in the air.

Calling out so many different fitness figures has its consequences however and it seems things have come to a head.

PJ Braun released so interesting video on his Instagram page that shows KENNY KO being shut down by Simeon Panda. KENNY KO asked Simeon Panda the natty or not question to which he received a pretty emphatic and decisive message.

What do you think of Simeon Panda’s response to KENNY KO?

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