UPDATE: Spectators Not Allowed at Arnold Classic 2020 Thursday Events

More last minute changes to the Arnold Classic 2020. No spectators allowed on Thursday. Friday & Saturday spectators now fully allowed.

According to reports it appears that the state of Ohio is restricting spectators from attending the Arnold Classic final events this Thursday.

A post was just out up on the Arnold Sports Festival official Instagram page that indicates that spectators will only be allowed to attend the Arnold Classic final events on Friday and Saturday.


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Per orders given today by the state of Ohio.

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Justin Miller also commented on the update.


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So NEW update from the Arnold!!! The City of Columbus Ohio has just banned spectators!!! Only media and judges allowed in any show besides the Friday and Saturday night pro finals. So for all of you traveling here ONLY Friday and Saturday Finals for the Pro contests will be allowing spectators. This is SO wrong on SO MANY levels! It doesnt even make any sense. In my opinion it’s time for a venue change. Take that 50 million $ the Arnold brings in and give it to another city. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Just saying. This is outrageous! Sorry to all the fans traveling to see the amateurs or the pro prejudging. Since it’s not being talked about online yet I figured would.post here so all the fans traveling here today know. As far as other events like Strongman and Martial Arts etc I have no idea but I’m assuming it’s the same deal. Any updates I will post here. #FUBAR #MoveTheArnold

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As the days pass it’s becoming more and more likely that spectators could be potentially barred from the event altogether. While that isn’t the case now, don’t be surprised if things take a sharp turn.

Generation Iron will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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