Stack3d Supplement Reviews of the Week!

Stack3d Supplement Reviews are back!

This past week has been another busy time in the supplement industry with reveals and releases of some interesting new products. We also saw one of the most exciting supplement collaborations in quite some time from the original lifestyle brand Ghost, who has done more authentic flavor collabs than anyone.

‘Merica Labz teams up with Pro Puffs for a special flavor of its protein puffs
The most ‘Merican brand on the market, ‘Merica Labz, introduced a fun new snack this week that was put together in partnership with the protein puffs company Pro Puffs. The product is uniquely made with ‘Merica’s Independence Cake Patriot’s Whey flavor that comes with star-shaped sprinkles in its powder.

Limited America Total War arrives with Redcon1’s strong 4th Of July sale
Redcon1 created something special for 4th Of July this year with a limited edition flavor of its pre-workout Total War called Freedom. While we don’t know exactly what the product tastes like, it does come with its own special label design, different from a regular tub of Total War, and there are only 1,776 tubs available.

Ghost teams up with Chips Ahoy! for an exciting flavor of Ghost Whey
When it comes to product collaborations, Ghost is the best in the business, having done multiple flavors and products with ambassadors and non-industry companies. Ghost’s latest effort is an all-new permanent flavor for its extremely transparent Ghost Whey protein powder that features actual Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces.

VPX teases a colorful and exciting new flavor of its Bang Energy drink
Bang Energy always makes new flavor releases extremely exciting, although it has been a few months since we saw one for the popular energy drink. This week the brand shared a teaser of a bright new flavor colored in white, pink, and light blue, although for now, it is keeping fans guessing and has not revealed its name.

Introducing Cellucor’s newest pre-workout, the transparent C4 Extreme
Cellucor completely unveiled its newest C4 pre-workout supplement, introducing C4 Extreme. The product is due to be out and available later this month, and it will come with a fairly simple and fully transparent combination of ingredients to support energy, mental focus, performance, and muscle pumps.

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