Stack3d Supplement Reviews Of The Week and More!

It’s time to catch up on all of the exciting stories we shared this week at Stack3d.

We saw two very interesting collaborations, both involving big supplement companies with partners from outside of the fitness industry.

Select Protein Bar is here with no aftertaste and a perfect balance of flavor

PEScience treated fans to something we’ve actually been waiting to see from the brand for quite some time. After expanding its great tasting Select Protein into a couple of other versions including Vegan and Cafe Select Protein, PES has launched a Select Protein Bar.

prosupps dj khaled

ProSupps partners with DJ Khaled to promote Hyde Power Potion

Last week ProSupps completely cleared its Instagram account by deleting all of its posts, unfollowing everyone, and saying that it’s turning over a new leaf. All of that led up to a big announcement from the brand that came Monday evening, where it revealed a partnership with musician and icon DJ Khaled.

Quest’s Tortilla Style Protein Chips are showing up in stores

Quest Nutrition gave its Tortilla Style Protein Chips an official public release with Campus Protein being one of the first places stocking the product online. The new release is a delicious looking protein snack providing almost 20g of protein per bag for only 140 calories.

bsn cold stone protein

BSN launches three Cold Stone Creamery flavors for Syntha-6

BSN revealed a massive partnership this week that has really set the bar when it comes to supplement company collaborations. The veteran brand has teamed up with the ice cream parlor Cold Stone Creamy to create three flavors for its protein Syntha-6 that are based on Cold Stone’s Signature Creations.

Soviet researched pre-workouts Mad and Putin Pump from Soviet Labs

Soviet Labs is a relatively new supplement company we introduced this week, that is very similar to the patriotic brand ‘Merica Labz. The big difference, however, is that Soviet Labs’ products and marketing are heavily Soviet-inspired, for example, its pump pre-workout is called Putin Pump.

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