Stanimal De Longeaux is a bodybuilder who has been moving up in the competitive bodybuilding world. And we mean this literally – he started out in Men’s Physique but quickly realized as his physique developed it wasn’t for him. So he moved up to Classic Physique. But even then still that wasn’t enough and he has now decided to move up into the Men’s Open division. In the past few months we’ve released GI Exclusive segments from our interview with Stanimal. Now we’re releasing the full length interview including topics such as Chris Bumstead defeating Breon Ansley, Stanimal’s friendship with Shawn Rhoden, and why people like to pick on Men’s Physique so much.


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For those who want to dive deeper into Stanimal and his continued journey as a pro bodybuilder. We also released a digital series in 2019 titled All Eyes On Olympia chronicling Stanimal’s journey towards the Olympia when he was competing in the Classic Physique division.

Stanimal also made an appearance in Generation Iron 3 providing insight into the relatively new Classic Physique division. The documentary had our camera crews travel across the world and explore every single division to determine what is the ideal physique.

In our full GI Exclusive interview, we catch up with Stanimal after our time working together on both Generation Iron 3 and our All Eyes On Olympia digital series. Since then he has decided to move up to the Men’s Open division and has already started diving headfirst into the competition.

You can check out the full uncut GI Exclusive interview with Stanimal above.

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