Stanimal is honing in his conditioning and getting shredded just two weeks away from Olympia 2018.

ALL EYES ON OLYMPIA – is a docu-series focusing on Stanimal De Longeaux’s final four weeks of Classic Physique training and prep for the Olympia 2018. Each episode gives an inside look at a full day of diet, training, and mental preparation before the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Track Stanimal’s progress up to and through the Mr. Olympia 2018 in this all access digital series! New episodes air every Monday and Thursday!

 With just two weeks before the Olympia 2018 – Stanimal is in true low carb mode to bring down his conditioning as he continues to train like a beast to perfect any weak spots before the big show. You can literally start seeing the difference in conditioning as every rep and set showcases insane grainy muscle and bulging vascularity.
Today Stanimal is focusing on his shoulders – trying to squeeze out every possible inch of mass to be as wide as possible. He trains with Shawn Rhoden in what might be the most hardcore workout of the series yet.
We also learn about Stanimal’s transition from Men’s Physique to Classic Physique – and how he adjusted his tactics in order to transform into the ideal Classic Physique competitor. Containing stories from his original trainer and his now current trainer – get a true inside look at what it takes to move up from Men’s Physique to Classic Physique! Check out the full episode above!

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