A beat by beat look at Stanimal’s Olympia 2018 weekend.

ALL EYES ON OLYMPIA – is a docu-series focusing on Stanimal De Longeaux’s final four weeks of Classic Physique training and prep for the Olympia 2018. Each episode gives an inside look at a full day of diet, training, and mental preparation before the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Track Stanimal’s progress up to and through the Mr. Olympia 2018 in this all access digital series! New episodes air every Monday and Thursday!

Last we saw Stanimal he was mere days away from competing in the Olympia 2018. And while we now know the outcome of the Classic Physique Olympia 2018 competition – this episode of All Eyes On Olympia shows the entire behind the scenes look at Stanimals final days before the competition and the night of the competition itself.

Being Stanimal’s first ever Olympia competition of his career, the excitement is palpable as he inches closer and closers to the Friday night prejudging. We see him enter the weigh in, we see him meet with his team for final preparation before the show, and then we see him head onto the stage and compete with the best in the world.

While Stanimal does not end up making it to the finals on Saturday – he finally jumped headfirst into the Olympia experience. In the episode’s final moments, Stanimal looks back at the weekend and reflects on what went wrong, how he plans to improve, and how he sees the entire experience.

Bonus points – we also get a sneak peek behind the scenes look at Shawn Rhoden before he eventually wins the Olympia 2018 competition. You can see it in his confidence even then – he knew he had this one in the bag.

Check out the full episode of All Eyes On Olympia above!