Steve Cook discusses the reality of genetics in bodybuilding and answers whether or not he would step back on stage in the future.

Steve Cook has a lot going for him. He’s a trainer on the new rebooted season of The Biggest Loser, a leading fitness influencer with millions of followers, and maintains a coaching/training business. So has he outgrown actual competitive bodybuilding? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Steve Cook answers if he would ever compete again on the bodybuilding stage.

While Steve Cook doesn’t have a Men’s Physique Olympia title to his name – in many ways he became the ideal example for the division. This is largely in part due to Cook becoming the face of That kind of exposure skyrocketed him into a household name in the fitness industry.

Which is why we were curious when sitting down with Steve Cook to see if he had any interest in competing again. He never had a chance to earn an Olympia trophy and with now an entire career of experience – he could potentially return to the stage and get a major award under his belt.

Steve Cook’s answer won’t excite many fans who were hoping to see him back in competition one day. He doesn’t see a real drive to return to competing. Largely because he’s already proven himself via success in other avenues. He also doesn’t find the competition lifestyle appealing. Competition prep is inherently a selfish endeavor that can have large stretches of closing off from friends and family in order to attain a perfect competition-ready physique. That’s a kind of sacrifice he wouldn’t want to make at this stage in his life.

And yet, with a glimmer in his eye he ended off his answer with a simple – “never say never.” A fitting way to close out the interview. No matter how far a bodybuilder may go in the industry and beyond, that competitive spirit will always linger. Perhaps against his better judgement he will return to the stage one day.

Steve Cook also touches upon how much genetics plays a role in bodybuilding and whether a person with “worse” genetics should even expect to try and win a Men’s Physique Olympia or other major award. Steve believes that while genetics can play a big role – there will always be room for champions who work hard enough to defy their genetics.

You can check out the full interview with Steve Cook in our latest GI Exclusive above!

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