Generation Iron Arnold and Franco

Still hungry after all these years.

The Golden Era of bodybuilding spawned some of the greatest athletes to ever compete in the sport. The men of this classic period of bodybuilding all focused on building great aesthetics along with quality muscle. It wasn’t enough to be massive as a bodybuilder back in those days. You had to have lean muscle mass, a small waist and great proportions to be considered as top of the food chain. These days mass monsters are glorified in bodybuilding. Whether you’re a fan of that or not, everyone can admit that bodybuilding in the 60s, 70s, and 80s was truly a special time, a time that are likely never to see again.

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The Golden Age had well known athletes like Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latter two being best friends and training partners at the height of their powers. Both men sported powerful frames with massive muscles, both advocated strength training as well as bodybuilding training, and the two men were both Olympia winners.

That both Arnold and Franco were able to win the biggest honor in bodybuilding was no coincidence. In fact you could say that their victories were by design. Both legendary bodybuilders pushed each other in their training. Despite being friends neither was interested in playing second fiddle to the other and though Arnold beat Franco whenever they were on stage together, Columbu always trained hard to try and overcome his comrade and rival.

Having someone with the same passion and desire as you, to become the greatest at what they do, is no doubt the source of Arnold and Franco’s continued success throughout their lives. And it appears that the two are still trying their best to motivate each other both in and outside of the gym. Check out a recent training video of the two friends and training partners as they put in work at the Mecca Gold’s Gym.

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