Gregg Valentino used to get bullied a lot. Then he fought back.

STORYTIME WITH GREGG VALENTINO: SEASON 3 – Gregg is back with a weekly series showcasing the most insane bodybuilding stories ever told. This just might be his most insane, disgusting, and shocking stories ever told. Hold on tight. Storytime With Gregg airs every Friday.

We all know Gregg Valentino as a loud mouth in your face person. He can talk a lot – and he’s been through some really tough and insane things. So you might be surprised that when Gregg was very young he was actually a shy and calm kid. The kind of kid that bullies loved to pick on. Gregg had a few moments of being bullied throughout his early years – but there was one bully in particular that beat him up so bad that Gregg literally pissed his pants. It was traumatizing and still shakes him to this day – but like any good Gregg Valentino story… things get interesting. Transforming into the kind of person we know and love, Gregg finds a way to get revenge against his bully in a truly shocking and violent way. We’re not saying to try this at home (even though Gregg thinks it’s totally okay if you do), but check out this crazy story above.

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