Gregg Valentino finally shows what his arms look like today… and explains why.

STORYTIME WITH GREGG VALENTINO: SEASON 3 – Gregg is back with a weekly series showcasing the most insane bodybuilding stories ever told. This just might be his most insane, disgusting, and shocking stories ever told. Hold on tight. Storytime With Gregg airs every Friday.

Gregg Valentino has often tried to set the record straight about his arms. Many bodybuilding fans cry “synthol!” when they see the old footage of Gregg with his massive balloon arms. But to this day Gregg has denied it – telling stories of a baseball bat hitting his arm and filling it with blood or another story about an infection in his other arm. Whether you believe him or not is your decision – but in this episode of Storytime with Gregg Valentino, Gregg skips past his explanations you already know (sort of) and jump straight to SHOWING the truth about his arms rather than telling.

It’s no secret that these days Gregg doesn’t show off his arms. He keeps them covered – well he is finally going to show you exactly what it looks like under those sleeves after all these years. What do Gregg’s arms look like today? And WHY do they look like that? Gregg goes into passionate detail about what happens when you build up your arms into massive mounds of muscle only to get old and shrink again.

Gregg gets raw and uncut in a way that is rarely seen – and that says a lot with the kinds of true stories he already tells. Check it out above!



  1. Good stuff. But he is so angry. Angry at life. Big insecurities. He realized 30 years later and few surgeries later that it was not worth sticking him self with all that juice. At least he is sending a positive mesage.

    • I give up these days Imran. I can’t bare to look at modern bodybuilders with their vulgar bulging veins and bloated bellies full of insulin and growth hormone. Look at above photo , he must have 20cc of synthol oil pumped into his bicep. Did Arnold’s ever look like that ?
      The late passing of Dallas Mcarver training for 2018 mr Olympia. Dead at 25. 320 solid he was. At 25.
      The autopsy has been revealed to public . His gear weighed 902g (3.5 that of normal human) his kidneys were swollen 2 x size , his liver was 2 x the size cirrhosis and had small tumours. His brain was a funny colour, he had traces of 18 steroids hgh insulin igf-1 diuretics cocaine and other unknown substances.
      It’s a lesson to be learned by young bodybuilders of not what to do. His testosterone was 25 x the level of normal human. We all know competitive bb take gear, there’s no natural ones who go on a pro stage but lesson is no B.B. shed touch the stuff until they are at least 30-35 or been training naturally for 10 years.
      They are ticking time bombs

    • Its being educated Imran. The side effects of most steroids are very little if the BNF book is read and the FDA charter is considered . Every medicine has side effects the benefits of prescribed anabolic steroids when administered outweigh the down sides . It’s all in the BNF book it’s just people believe what they read . Arnold has been taking gear since 16. He’s now 70. The androgen Sides are raised estrogen levels increases in SOME cases and the known side effect is increase in LDL cholesterol . This can be controlled by omega 3 and hawthorn berry . It’s just reading the leaflet that comes with the AAS. There are medicines designed for use in hospitals .
      PLEASE PLEASE don’t believe what people say in gym magazines, ure intelligent guy, read the British National formulary

    • The problem u got is 1) the user doesn’t do their reserach and get a full health check and blood panel before course 2) they don’t follow correct diet take organ preventing supplements 3) Do Not use them properly ( like taking 2 orals at once 4) Do Not take correct ancillaries like armidrex, caber, nolvadex, aronadex etc whilst on cycle and get regular blood tests 5) don’t drink enough water ( kidneys ) -don’t take omega 3 ( heart ) don’t take liver support control like cyber and milk thistle lastly Imran they take them TOO MUCH TOO LONG and too young

    • Imran Younas my theory – train AS LONGas you can naturally even into your 50s, if u don’t need to take these drugs – bloody don’t ! There’s nothing wrong with a 40 or 50 yr old guy taking testosterone replacement therapy , it will improve his health,, but people under 30 taking them. I think a big no no these are powerful anabolic hormones

    • They’ve got no bloody patience these days they train for 6-12 months and they wanna go on the gear. 6-12 months training !!! I’m not mentioning gyms but 1 gym a kid of 16, yes 16 is on a large course, yes a large course inc one called Trenbolone which is the strongest in the world and is highly highly toxic and re your point about dude effects Imran , the dude effects off this i just don’t wanna go there.
      Back when I started in 1990 i didn’t know what steroids were?? I had steak n mash after training. Eggs for breakfast no internet then used to read flex magazine .
      I cry for the future Imran , in fact just try not to think about it mate

    • Wrong guy lol this is what I get for working 16 hours standing at least 12 cause either sitting I suddenly start limping for 10 minutes or end of shift WTF back at 2pm old school method beat myself ragged wussy youngsters texting before they do an actual set lol

  2. Did this asshole just say he didn’t use synthol? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    He lost me right there. Site injections with steroids DO NOT do that to someone’s arms!!

    What a fucking douchebag.

    • Biex matafx bih ma segwix ta bro ithol you tube u ara xi hmerrija amel
      Kien bis synthol mignun mawx ta dak ima jitkelem straight and plain fil bodybuilding xorta ghandu grazzja mijaw

    • Ima kif kif kitbuwa what really happend to greg valentino arm lool isu xi lee priest man kelu laqwa arms fil bodybuilding u qed jajdu xi gralom….kiku website serja il dan l idiot ma tihx din il publicity kolla. Mela tamilu video u joqod jajd xi hnerijit tefa gol arm xi kruwa dan lanqas andu x jaqsam mal kelma bodybuilding.

  3. I give him credit. It SUCKS to have to be disfigured like that and the worst part is he did it to himself. HE has to live with that so give him a break….plus we’re watching his videos and he’s laughing all the way to the bank! Lol. He’s brilliant and you are a bunch of momo’s for laughing at him.


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