Jerry Brainum shares the straight facts on a new discovery that may prove to be one of the most anabolic natural substances in existence.

Those who are interested in pushing their body to the limits of muscular ability are always trying to find ways to enhance their progress. Some will turn to PEDs for this enhancement, while others will try and stay on the legal side of things and look for approved substances for enhancement. While neither of these can replace hard work in the gym – they can supplement and optimize the results of hard work. A recent scientific study may have just introduced a new natural supplement that could change the game for natural anabolic substances. In our latest episode of Straight Facts, Jerry Brainum breaks down Lemon Myrtle and how it can optimize muscle hypertrophy.

Science is evolving every single day – and this has had a drastic affect on bodybuilding and fitness. If you were to compare the methods and knowledge of bodybuilders in the 70s vs today – you would see major differences. This, in part, explains why physiques are so much more massive than the golden era. For those not deeply embedded in bodybuilding, you can also see this difference in how nutrition and a healthy diet is directed vs nutrition in the 1950s, for example.

Of course, science is not only evolving it is also changing. Some things that were once seen as beneficial turns out to be false with further long term studies. So the following information that Jerry Brainum presents should be taken with a grain of salt – as it is a new study that can have big implications for the supplement and bodybuilding world.

This week, Jerry Brainum breaks down a recent study that explores the substance Lemon Myrtle. This is a plant whose compound might make it the most anabolic natural substance in existence. As Brainum explains, Lemon Myrtle might be the first natural substance to directly activate satellite cells – which are an instrumental part of hypertrophy.

How does muscle hypertrophy work?

Before jumping into this new substance, Jerry Brainum recaps how muscle hypotrophy works.  Brainum covered muscle hypertrophy in more detail in a separate earlier episode of Straight Facts – which you can watch here. But as a brief rundown – here’s the key details.

Within muscle fibers, there are something known as satellite cells. These cells essentially just sit around doing nothing, until your muscle fibers are damaged. Once this happens, your satellite cells begin work on repairing your muscle. This act of repair also restores your muscle with larger fibers than before – thus leading to increased strength and size.

It should be noted that there is some debate on how essential satellite cells are to muscle hypertrophy and repair. A minority group of scientists believe that they might have little to do with the process. But as of today, majority fall more in favor with satellite cells being vastly important in the process – using peer reviewed studies to back it up.

The Lemon Myrtle Study: Older age, sarcapenia, and satellite cells

Sow how did lemon myrtle become discovered as a powerful supplement for muscle hypertrophy? Jerry Brainum explains that a recent study was done to find natural substances to aid in reducing sarcapenia.

What is sarcapenia? It’s a disorder that usually happens in adults 60 years and older. It’s a natural occurrence of the human body’s satellite cells dying off as we reach elderly age. This eventually leads to your muscles atrophying at a faster rate. It’s the reason why light resistance training is so important in older age –  as this helps prevent and slow this process down.

Jerry Brainum asserts that many elderly folks who find themselves in assisted living homes are not due to mental disorders, but more so from frailty due to sarcapenia. You all know the “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercials. This is essentially the end results of sarcapenia, requiring assisted living help for movement and support.

In an attempt to find natural substances that aid in preventing or slowing sarcapenia, scientists discovered that Lemon Myrtle does something that no other natural substance has been able to do – it directly activates satellite cells. This led the study to conclude it can be helpful as a supplement for elderly folk to prevent frailty.

But Jerry Brainum believes that Lemon Myrtle can also be used by any adult to help activate satellite cells and improve muscle hypertrophy. It can, essentially, be the most effective natural anabolic supplement in existence.

The studies are new and have not yet been tested on human subjects (only in vitro and also in mice). So it remains to be seen in the long term just how much of a game changer (or not) the substance can be. However, Jerry Brainum states that he wouldn’t be shocked to start seeing Lemon Myrtle as a supplement or as an ingredient in anabolic supplement blends.

Wrap Up

As science constantly evolves, so too do our options in bodybuilding for further optimization of training and nutrition. This allows athletes to push the boundaries even further than before. While Lemon Mrytle will not replace anabolic steroids or other PEDs – it can be a vital and game changing natural supplement in the world of fitness. You can watch Jerry Brainum break it down in complete detail by watching our latest episode of Straight Facts above.

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