Jerry Brainum gives the most comprehensive post Olympia 2017 analysis you’ll find anywhere.

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The Mr. Olympia 2017 is over and now we need to wait an entire year before the next rousing mega event. But in the aftermath of this year’s Olympia weekend there has been an incredible response to Phil Heath’s narrow victory of Big Ramy. Many believing for the first time that Phil was the obvious loser. Jerry Brainum watched the entire live stream broadcast over the weekend and decided to give us his comprehensive breakdown of the entire event. He goes into every Men’s Open and Classic Physique competitor and, most importantly, explains the real reason why Phil Heath ended up winning. He also goes into detail about Flex Wheeler’s return to the stage and why he didn’t make it into the top 6. This is the most detailed analysis of the Olympia 2017 you’ll find anywhere on the web. Take it in and get some real insight into one of the biggest competitions of the year. Check it out above!

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