This Horror Show Synthol Physique Could Be The Strangest Ever

Taking physique to the worst level.

Bodybuilding as a sport has gone through many different phases. In it’s inception it was simply a side endeavor that many used to get in the best aesthetic shape possible. It soon became a legitimized sport with many different events throughout the year and eventually culminating in the biggest show of all, the Olympia. The goal back then was to look like a sculpture of muscle, a Greek statue come to life. But gradually through the years bodybuilding, particularly in the heavyweight class, has become something else entirely.

Different kinds of physiques began to be emphasized and mass monsters began to enter the fray. These mass monster were so huge, so massive that the view of bodybuilding physiques as being aesthetic and proportioned started to go out the window. Sure, proportions are certainly still very important to building a quality physique these days as well, but now the selling point is much different. Rather than seeing bodybuilders that looked like statues, the main draw to the sport has become the freak show factor. How massive can someone get and still maintain their proportions? It’s what keeps people coming back for more these days. But it seems that there are some bodybuilders that are missing the whole point.

There are some people out there who aren’t dedicated to the craft, those who would rather build an artificial physique rather than work hard and build muscle the old fashion way. These individuals look to substances like synthol oil to create the illusion of making quality gains. But these same synthol users take the freak show factor to new levels. Recently luimarco covered a bodybuilder who utilized synthol and went on to a posing stage with the strangest looking physique yet. Take a look at the video below to see the horror show.

What’s the strangest physique have you seen?

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