Strength and Beauty: Dr. Stephanie Buttermore is a True Fitness Queen

Stephanie Buttermore mixes physical and mental beauty!

Female fitness should be appreciated as much if not more than male counterparts. It may be a controversial opinion but hear me out. Let’s consider the fact that fitness and being in great physical shape has always been a male dominated field. When we think of the greatest athletes in the world often times men are the ones included in the conversation rather than women.

With that said a woman who chooses to devote her time and energy into not only being physically fit, but also looking to empower other people with their fitness journey shows a kind of dogged commitment that is truly difficult to replicate.

These days we know full well that women and men both equally want to get into great physical condition in hopes of becoming the best version of themselves. This mindset of constant improvement is personified brilliantly in both Jeff Nippard and his girlfriend Dr. Stephanie Buttermore.

While many of us already know the name Jeff Nippard and what he represents, many may not know that his girlfriend is just as knowledgeable about physical fitness, but even helps him out on a great many of his informative videos. Stephanie Buttermore mixes brains and physical fitness in a truly impressive package. She not only has the genetics gifts but the intelligence and will to chisel her form into the best version of herself.

If you aren’t aware of Stephanie Buttermore and her physical and mental beauty, then take a look at these posts below and thank me later!


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Eccentric accentuated loading is definitely having a moment and for good reason🔥 Accentuated eccentrics can be achieved by having a training partner resist you on the negative or REALLY slowing down the eccentric of the movement, as I do here. Love doing exercises like this because I genuinely think it works… and also supported by literature 📄 (Walker et al. 2016 & Farthing et al. 2003) . Training with these exercises are a recent fav of mine, not only for enabling a very strong mind muscle connection during the eccentric but also with getting noticeable gains strength improvements 🍑👀. . I highly recommend trying it on exercises where you can really slow the eccentric 🔥🐢 and make the most out of the exercise. For leg movements, I love doing it on hip thrusts, RDLs, hip abduction and leg curls 🔥 . Cropped Hoodie @alphalete Shorts @forever21 Shoes 👟 @supergausa 🎼 Travis Scott Sicko Mode Instrumental . #science #forthe #gains #hipthrusts #eccentricaccentuatedloading #probablynotahashtag #itisnow

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