Strength and Beauty: Valentina Lequeux is a Fitness Goddess

Valentina Lequeux is an inspirational fitness model.

In the age of Instagram, fitness models can sometimes be perceived as a dime a dozen. Everyone who has a decent figure wants to get into fitness with the idea that they’ll reach super stardom by making inspirational posts or recycling other people’s exercises.

For Valentina Lequeux, that is far from the case.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Valentina Lequeux has quickly made a name for herself in the online fitness game. Raised in Florida (USA), Valentina Lequeux has an international flare that has helped to take her to the top.

Not only is she a fitness model, Valentina Lequeux is also a personal trainer looking to enhance the physiques of each and every client she has under contract. Her at home and gym workouts posted on her YouTube and social media platforms have gone a long way in helping individuals who seek to get into really great shape in the comfort of their own residence.

If you’re curious about Valentina Lequeux and what makes her so special, check out the Instagram posts below showcases the fitness trainer’s awesome physique as well as her passion for helping others reach their own fitness goals!


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🔥 Hardcore Leg Day Babes 🔥 Save this one and Tag your babes 💪🏼 – Just Arrived to Germany for FIBO babes Who is here⁉️ – Since it’s been a while since I don’t share some advanced routine here one of my favorites for legs hope you try it and if you post don’t forget to tag me so I can feature you on my stories: – 1️⃣ Safety Bar Squats with chains 6×10 the whole point of the chains is to make each rep heavier as you go up. 2️⃣ 4x 10 trap bar squats super set with 15 banded squat jumps. 3️⃣ 3×15 front lunge súper set with sissy squat 4️⃣ 4×10 time under tension step downs (6-7) seconds each rep. 5️⃣ 5x Failure Reverse hypers with abduction

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💪🏼🔥 Back Attack 🔥💪🏼 Like + Save this one and Tag your babes 💕 – Ladies and Gentlemen your back is one of the largest muscle groups in your body! And if you are working hard on your lower body to get that booty popping! Back is fundamental to create a proportional look, Strong toned lats will create the illusion of an smaller waist! And besides the aesthetic point! I’m a firm believer and supporter of training your entire body, every muscle! Health, performance and capacity comes first! Don’t focus on the “pretty muscles” only! Try this routine and Tag me if you perform it to feature you on my stories: 1️⃣ Bench Supported Neutral frío rows: 5×20-15-12-10-8 (increase weight) 2️⃣ Hyperextensions to Row 3×20 mínimum rest between sets 3️⃣ Iso-Lateral pull downs 4×15 súper set with following 4️⃣ Banded pull overs 40 seconds AMRAP

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LEGS AT HOME – And this one was done while I was in Ubut in Bali thanks to @villacellabella for welcoming me and my friends to shoot some much needed content 🙏🏼 your villa is out of this world (the video and photos to come don’t do it justice!) – We will for sure come back with more time and spend a few weeks with you guys! Again, thank you so much for hosting us ❤️ – Here’s the routine I did to get a nice pump before my shoot with the incredible @ajkphotography1 : 1️⃣BANDED LUNGE TO SQUAT: 4X15 per leg 2️⃣BULGARIAN SQUAT W/BANDS then JUMPING BULGARIAN SUQATS: 4X15 per leg for both Bulgarian squats 3️⃣CLAM SHELL WITH BANDS: 4X20 per leg 4️⃣PLIE ABDUCTION: 4X25, don’t use the chair for a more advanced move 5️⃣DOWNWARD KICK BACK: 4X25 per leg

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