Strongman Corporation Names Generation Iron Official Media Partner

Generation Iron is now the official media partner of the Strongman Corporation.

Generation Iron Brands and the Strongman Corporation have agreed to a long-term partnership in which the Generation Iron Network will be the official media outlet for all Strongman events and the Arnold Pro Strongman World Series.

The Generation Iron Network first launched in 2013 alongside the release of the feature film – Generation Iron. It has since grown and expanded to be the number one media outlet for all things bodybuilding, fitness, and strength sports. Providing not only news coverage but also informative training/nutrition guides and exclusive video interviews with top fitness athletes.

Strongman Corporation Generation Iron Media PartnerUnder this new partnership, Generation Iron Network will be the official news hub for all officially sanctioned Strongman events as well as featured athlete profiles, competition standings, and world record attempts. This also includes the Arnold Pro Strongman World Series events culminating in the Arnold Strongman Classic – one of the biggest Strongman competitions of the year. Generation Iron Network will also feature instructional workout and diet guides focused on the Strongman lifestyle.

Generation Iron Network will build strategic media campaigns, bringing Strongman event coverage directly to the viewers across the world. The company will utilize its expansive media presence and its global digital subscriber base to introduce Strongman events and athletes directly to the viewers. 

The Strongman Corporation’s sanctioned events have featured such iconic athletes as Hafthor Bjornsson, Martins Licis, Robert Kearney, Jerry Pritchett, and Brian Shaw among many others.

Generation Iron Network continues to expand and grow its coverage for bodybuilding, fitness, and strength sports. This partnership will be a great addition for both the Strongman and general fitness community as both will work together to bring Strongman coverage to the mainstream.

“Generation Iron is thrilled to join forces with the Strongman Corporation,” stated Generation Iron Network co-founder Edwin Mejia Jr. He continued:

“Strongman Corporation has been the world’s leading Strength Sport entity showcasing the biggest names at the Arnold Classic and Arnold Pro Strongman World Championship year after year. Together we will develop engaging programming and interactive content with Strongman Corp for years to come.”

Generation Iron is a great brand to partner with,” stated Strongman Corporation owner Dione Masters. “They will offers us more potential in all the markets we serve while putting athletes and the sport of Strongman in the spotlight.” 

Generation Iron Network will remain editorially independent and will not have any restrictions on news or reports related to the Strongman Corporation. 

Generation Iron Brands is the first and only digital network delivering health, fitness, bodybuilding and strength sports content. It delivers premium content with the biggest names in fitness and provides expert coverage, reviews on top brands, workout tips and trends in the worlds of fitness, health and strength sports.  Generation Iron Brands also owns and Operates other media properties such as Strength Wars and Gym F##kery with over 6 million collective subscribers on Social Media and over 4 million impressions per month. Generation Iron Brands is a division of The Vladar Company (

Strongman Corporation

Togetherness is a substitute sense of the Strongman sport. We are only as strong as we are united. We are only as weak as we are divided. Bringing people together and building community: Strongman Corporation is a leader in the sport of strongman.

The American Strongman Corporation (ASC) is the sole sanctioning and governing body for the sport of professional strongman in the United States. ASC provides American athletes with yearly opportunities by promoting several professional strongman contests across the country. We have fostered relationships with strongman organizations worldwide since 2001, and the NAS and ASC has grown to include over 44 affiliates nationally as well as 26 affiliates internationally. At Strongman Corporation, we cover everything Strongman related by promoting upcoming events as well as promoting events around the world by providing up-to-date results, promotions, and photos.

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