‘Strongman Of India’ Title Awarded To A Woman

Priyanka Vaishya is breaking all kinds of gender norms.

Priyanka Vaishya, age 25, has just been crowned ‘Strongman of India’ for the second time in a row. The contest, which was recently opened to Women, does not award a title of ‘StrongWoman.’ Priyanka has an engineering degree and worked with a software firm in Mumbai for most of her professional career.

She told The Times Of India:

“I always wanted to do something different. And while trying my hand at ‘different things’, I got in touch with coach Pramod Bhati, who has won several bodybuilding titles.”

She said that the assistance of a coach marked the “the turning point” in her development. “He encouraged me to start working for physique modeling.”

Priyanka now works as a trainer trainer at Bhojpur Club in Bhopal, and remains grateful for her family’s support through her eccentric pursuits.

“I am lucky that my parents supported me in realizing my dream, which is still a taboo in our society. Their support has been invaluable.”

After three years of full-time work, she jumped at the chance when ‘Strongman of India’ contest was opened to women at the Kolkata edition in 2017. To win she deadlifted 12o kg, raced with a 40kg stone in her arms, lifted a 30kg log and held out 5kg weights in a test of endurance.

Priyanka has been ranked 44 in the world among women since 2017, and expects this second title to catapult her into the top 30.

“Fresh rankings are declared almost every fortnight. I hope to see myself up the ladder.”

Her net target is the world championship to be held in November.

In preparation for that contest. Priyana’s days start at 4.30am, and she spends 10 hours gym.

“I did not eat roti for almost 7-8 months while preparing for the strongman championship. I never eat outside and always carry home-cooked food. If I can’t carry food, I only have boiled vegetables.”

Bhojpur Club society President Aruneshwar Singhdeo applauded her efforts and accomplishments as an example to young women.

“Priyanka is an example for girls who think that unconventional sports, like bodybuilding, is not for them. Several girls have joined the club after being inspired by Priyanka.”

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