After Successful Back Surgery, Ronnie Coleman Is Already Lifting

Ronnie Coleman is working his way back one light weight at a time.

Ronnie Coleman was the king of bodybuilding back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Dominating the competition on the Olympia stage, Ronnie Coleman proved to be an unstoppable force. At least it appeared that way.

Ronnie Coleman was known for pushing the envelope in his training and was known as a man who loved lifting whether he was competing or not. But that same intense training that turned him into an all time great bodybuilder could have helped to deteriorate his body, so much so that the resulting injuries have required surgeries in order to repair the damage.

While it may not be entirely to blame, hard training definitely played a part in Coleman’s injuries over his storied career. That said, resistance training is exactly what the all time great will need in order to return to fighting form. While recovering in the hospital, it already appears that Ronnie Coleman is keen on making a return to action even if that means lifting extremely light weight.

Do you think Ronnie Coleman is the greatest of all time?

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