Roelly Winklaar is looking beastly ahead of the 2018 Arnold Classic.

The 2018 Arnold Classic is still several weeks away, yet buzz is already beginning to build for one of the biggest events of the year. The Open Weight division competitors list showcases some of the best and buffest in the business and that includes the beast Roelly Winklaar.

Ever since taking his training to Oxygen Gym in Kuwait, Roelly Winklaar has made steady improvements looking better ever time he steps on stage. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Roelly is one of the favorites to win the Arnold Classic and dominate the competition. But he’ll still have to face the likes of Cedric McMillan, the returning Dennis Wolf and even the veteran Kevin Levrone who has made some impressive gains over the last year.

One individual who believes Roelly Winklaar is a shoe-in to win the show is IFBB pro Justin Compton. A recent Instagram post showcases Roelly’s current physique as well as Compton’s support. One thing is certain, Roelly Winklaar looks incredible.

I’m calling it now that this is going to be your 2018 Arnold Classic Champ.

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Is Justin Compton right? Will Roelly Winklaar win the 2018 Arnold Classic?

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  1. If he is going to win an Arnold classic, he better be working on vacuum poses. He is not a very proportionate bodybuilder, so he has to pull something different from others.


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