Synthol Addict Kirill Tereshin Has 3 Pounds of ‘Dead’ Muscle Removed From Arms

Synthol injections have come back to haunt Kirill Tereshin.

It appears that the Kirill Tereshin’s overuse of synthol and foreign agents into his arms have finally caught up with him.

The Russian native was recently informed by doctors that he faced a few harrowing choices in regards to his arms: either remove the synthol and ‘dead’ muscle from his arms or risk amputation, or worse, losing his life. It appears that Kirill Tereshin has chosen the former over the latter.

Surgeons at First Moscow State Medical University said they had removed three pounds of dead muscle and a massive amount of petroleum jelly that had formed into a solid lump.

Lead doctor Dmitry Melnikov stated that he and his team are only currently a quarter of the way through the entirety of the operation.

It will take at least three more surgeries for all of the Vaseline-like jelly to be removed from Kirill’s arms, said Dr Melnikov.

An upcoming documentary focusing on Kirill Tereshin and others suffering from Bigorexia, an obsession with cultivating muscle through natural and unnatural means, delves into how this young bodybuilding enthusiast first resolved himself to injecting these dangerous oils into his arms in the first place.

With only a quarter of the surgery complete, we can expect more updates on the state of Kirill Tereshin and his synthol filled arms. Generation Iron will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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Source: Metro

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