Take This Supplement To Battle Belly Fat And Cortisol While You Sleep

Destroy belly fat and regulate cortisol all while catching some Zs.

Every bodybuilder has their own particular issue they wish to get sorted out. For some individuals their problem area are their arms. No matter how hard they train their biceps and triceps they just can’t seem to grow. Others have issues with calf development. They train them every leg day and just can’t seem to make them improve. There are many different solutions to problems of this nature. When it comes to belly fat and elevated cortisol levels however the solutions are less obvious.

Cortisol can be a persons best friend or worst enemy. When cortisol is normalized it allows you to deal with stress levels and can even help you sleep easier at night. But hard training can throw everything out of wack. A hard session at the gym means your cortisol levels will rise in order to deal with the stress of intense physical work. If done so consistently, to the point of overtraining, then your cortisol levels can sky rocket and even interfere with muscle protein synthesis. This can spell doom to your muscle growth. Elevated cortisol levels could also lead to producing unwanted belly fat, the chief enemy of a bodybuilder hoping to look lean.

So what can be done to combat this phenomenon? Well, utilizing a supplement that you already probably use could be the answer. Difference stems on what time you take it. Fish oil is often used for inflammation and to lubricate your joints to prepare it for a tough training session. But it can do so much more. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil can help to both naturally combat belly fat as well as one of the culprits of giving you a spare tire in the first place, cortisol. The timing is everything and taking fish oil after a tough training session at dinner or just before bed can help in a multitude of ways. Mainly, the supplement can regulate your cortisol levels which will help to promote muscle protein synthesis as well as help you get a good nights rest. When cortisol is elevated so are stress levels. By regulating cortisol levels it means getting a good nights rest which in turn means better recovery for your next training session.

Do you take fish oil supplements?

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