Talking Huge With Craig Golias | EP 6: Kai Greene Vs Phil Heath, Victor Martinez Vs Jay Cutler, & More

Craig Golias has doubts about Kai Greene’s 317 pound physique, talks Nicolas Villioud’s retirement, and much more.

Welcome to another episode of Talking Huge – a weekly digital series in which Craig Golias talks in-depth with Vlad Yudin on the latest trending topics in bodybuilding. Raw, honest, and uncut – Craig Golias shares his opinions on all things bodybuilding. In this episode, Craig Golias talks about Kai Greene’s recent 317 pound shredded physique, possible comeback rivalry rematches, Nicolas Vullioud’s retirement, and more!

This past week was packed with exciting updates and news in the bodybuilding world. Kai Greene made some considerable waves by not only posting his massive 317 pound shredded physique photo – but also calling out Phil Heath for some sort of challenge. Could it be a bodybuilding rematch? Victor Martinez also made mention in one of our own interviews that he would only compete again to rematch Jay Cutler in a special bodybuilding battle. Craig also talks his thoughts on Nicholas Vullioud’s retirement announcement at a young age. And we discuss some functional bodybuilding tips such as how to properly meal prep and break through plateaus.

Craig Golias: Kai Greene Is Not 317 Pounds And That Shredded

The first topic we discuss with Craig Golias is the recent waves Kai Greene made on social media. First, he posted an epic and shredded photo of himself – claiming to be 317 pounds. It was proof that despite no longer competing, that he was keeping in fantastic shape. Fans started speculating (again) if he would make some sort of comeback.

Craig Golias, while finding the photo impressive, does not believe that Kai Greene was actually 317 pounds in the photo. He just doesn’t see that being possible at Kai Greene’s height and build. According to Craig, there’s no way Kai can maintain that level of shredded physique while staying at 317 pounds. Instead, he is more likely 285 pounds. Craig admits that even at 285 pounds, his physique is shredded and impressive. But he thinks that the shock of his claim is a little misleading.

Craig Golias also touches on the news that Kai Greene has been calling out Phil Heath. Craig never found much excitement in their rivalry – but admits that if they were to do some sort of special bodybuilding PPV event that he would watch it.

What Craig would be more excited to see, however, is Victor Martinez rematch against Jay Cutler. Craig claims this would be the most exciting event in bodybuilding possible for him – much more exciting than Kai vs Phil.

Nicolas Villioud Shocking Retirement At Only 30 Years Old

Craig Golias also shares his thoughts on the recent retirement announcement by Nicolas Villioud. The promising bodybuilder is only 30 years old – and many fans had high hopes for his career in the coming years. According to Villioud’s own announcement – he retired because he felt he could not compete even with only 1% doubt in his mind. He has other goals he would like to accomplish with his life, it caused even the smallest doubt that he should compete, so he felt that this was the wrong mental attitude to have to ever become a champion.

Craig Golias agrees with this point and somewhat relates. Craig used to compete on the bodybuilding stage but quickly left to focus on his own goals of getting huge in his own way. The amount of repetitive work and dedication required to become a Mr. Olympia champion is all-consuming. If there is a doubt that this is what you seek to be fulfilled in life – it might be the right decision to retire.

Wrap Up

There are far more topics discussed in this episode than we can cover in this article. You can watch Craig Golias and Vlad Yudin discuss other topics such as how judging works in pro bodybuilding, how important meal prep for a shredded physique, and whether or not Craig would face off against Big Ramy in some sort of special battle. You can check it all out in the latest episode of Talking Huge above! Make sure to check out Talking Huge every week on Friday – only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!

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