Tamara Walcott Announces World Record Deadlift Attempt After 650-Pound Lift

Tamara Walcott recently completed a lift that would set a new world record.

Tamara Walcott continues to show massive feats of strength during training sessions. This has continued recently as she prepares to hit the stage once again. While deadlifting, Walcott crushed a 295kg (650lb) lift, which is 14 pounds heavier than the official world record in the 90kg category, which she currently holds.

Walcott took to Instagram to share her recent lift and her future plans. There is no doubt that she has what it takes to build on her record and now she just has to do it on an official stage.

“Everyone counted me out in the beginning …. I was not the best but I worked the hardest… I use to be the kid that got picked last based on my looks then end up being a valuable asset!!! Count me out if you want I’m depositing it as fuel !!!!!”

“Stay tune as I work towards Breaking my own ATWR. FOR THE HEAVIEST WOMENS DEAD LIFT IN THE NEXT 8 days …. And just remember silence is d deafening don’t hate appreciate, give it your all and you CAN DO IT TOO JUST LIKE”

Tamara Walcott will compete at The Ghost Clash on Feb. 13. This is where she could load up the bar with the weight needed to set a new mark. This would break the record of 288.5kg (636lb), which she set during the 2021 WRPF The Bucked Up Showdown.

During this event, Walcott completed a 265kg (584.2lb) squat and 165kg (363.8lb) bench press. This was before her record-setting deadlift. Combined, the total was 718.5kg (1,584lb), which was the second heaviest all-time.

Walcott burst onto the scene in 2018 when she competed in her first sanctioned event. Since then, she has made an appearance in seven shows and has six victories. It is unknown what the world record attempt will look like but Walcott will certainly set a new mark. She has a chance and the strength to become the first woman to complete a raw 300kg (661.4lb) deadlift.

Tamara Walcott has become one of the best powerlifters in the women’s division. If she is able to set a new deadlift mark, even reaching 300kg, she will only continue to build her legacy. There will be plenty of eyes on her and her lifts during The Ghost Clash.

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