Teased Security Guard Performs Stunning Bodybuilding Transformation

Seeking transformative greatness through bodybuilding.

At age 13, Joe Brennan was 5 feet 6 inches tall at 108 pounds. He told Daily Mail:

“I was so small and would constantly get destroyed in practice as a linebacker and running back. I decided enough was enough and started my journey then. After years and years of training hard and research, I put on a lot of muscle. It was an addiction – getting stronger and bigger month by month, year by year.”

All throughout his teens, Joe worked out desperately to pack on size for football, but could not convert his high school passion to a college career. Without football as a motivator, Joe lapsed into severe weight gain.

“Most of my life I have suffered from issues regarding my weight. I have been extremely underweight and very overweight, so I know the burden of both. I have been made fun of by ‘friends’ and even talked down to by others for being too skinny and being too fat at other points in my life.”

In college and without a purpose, Joe ballooned to 231 pounds.

“By the time I was 18, however, my metabolism had completely reversed. Being so used to shoving 5,000 calories down my throat per day it was very hard to readjust once my metabolism started to slow down.”

This is actually a fairly common phenomenon for young high school athletes who settle into the unhealthy college life. Although Joe’s weight gain was especially severe. Now, at age 22 and a trimmer 196, Joe is in a much better state physically and mentally.

Bodybuilding as simply a means to better football has given way to bodybuilding as a vehicle to improve all aspects of life, and he is reaping the rewards.

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