Teenager Gets Assaulted, Kicked Out of Gym for Deadlifting “Too Loud”

An unwarranted assault over deadlifts.

The gym is a happy place for those looking to get into shape. It’s a place where you can focus in on yourself and look to make improvements whether that be to your physique or your strength, balance, agility, you name it. For a great deal of fitness enthusiasts, the gym is a sacred place, a sanctuary to escape to in times of need or simply for self discovery and improvement.

So imagine heading to the gym, looking to improve yourself and your strength while at the gym and some jerk interrupting that and pushing you around in the process. That’s exactly what happened in Buzz Fit Gym in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

While performing deadlifts in the gym, a teenage lifter is interrupted and nearly injured by a gym member. According to powerlifter Pete Rubish, the young man is his student and had been warned about deadlifting in the gym because the exercise was deemed “too loud” for the other patrons. The gym agreed to allow the young lifter to continue his deadlifts as long as he placed mats on the ground in an attempt to absorb the sound. Following the rules laid out for him, the young man chose to deadlift once again, only to find himself unceremoniously ejected from the premises.

The problem with this is that the person throwing him out of the gym wasn’t a gym staff member and used physical action to get the job done. What we’re left with is video of the teenage lifter being pushed around and nearly seriously injured while in the middle of his deadlift due to his third party’s unprofessional and irrational actions. Take a look at the video for a first hand look at the account.

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