That Time Seth Feroce Killed Legs With Kevin Levrone

Young lion Seth Feroce being taught by the veteran beast, Kevin Levrone.

Bodybuilding is an endeavor in which an individual chooses to make a change to their physique. It’s a very personal journey filled with trials and tribulations. But it’s mostly journey that person and that person alone. As much as some people would love to argue against it, bodybuilding is a very selfish endeavor. But that doesn’t mean a bodybuilder has to go it alone. In fact, having training partners is a major part of the endeavor. As selfish as bodybuilding can be, without a good training partner to help you oversee your workouts the likelihood of getting tremendous gains will dwindle.

Training partners are there to boost your confidence and sometimes protect you from yourself. If your partner has more experience then that means they have more to teach you. If they have less then it can mean having a young, hungry, up and comer who is looking to prove themselves and ultimately push you to make your own considerable improvements. It seems this was the case with Kevin Levrone and Seth Feroce.

Back in the day Kevin Levrone was the grizzled veteran with a ton of information to impart on the younger Feroce. Levrone oversaw Feroce’s training as he endeavored to further his growth. It’s ironic that Levrone would go on to make a comeback while Seth Feroce sat on the sidelines. But now that things are changing, we could likely see both of these individuals at the same event later this year. Both have vowed to compete at the Olympia and both have been training hard to get to the top of their respective divisions. But before then it was a case of a veteran teaching a young lion how to be the best he could be. Check out the throwback video below of a youthful Seth Feroce being shown the ropes by “Maryland Muscle Machine.”

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