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Nick Trigili goes into detail about compound exercises and building massive legs.

THE BODYBUILDING COACH – is a weekly digital series hosted by Nick Trigili that breaks down the biggest topics, training guides, nutrition tips, and realities behind supplements & drugs in bodybuilding. Based off of a perfect balance of research and personal experience, Nick will go in-depth about how the new era of bodybuilding works with tried, true, and valuable information that is rarely discussed elsewhere. New episodes air every Wednesday.

Legs are one of the most challenging body parts to build up for a bodybuilder. Perfected legs are what separate a good bodybuilder from a great bodybuilder. It’s the deciding factor between someone who can work hard… and someone who can truly pus their body past the limit.

But knowledge is the first step towards building up your legs and taking action – which is why Nick Trigili focuses on compound exercises and how they affect leg development. The internet makes a lot of noise out there and a lot of myths that might not be true. That’s why Nick is clearing the air once and for all – how essential are compound exercises (such as deadlifts) towards developing perfected mass monster legs?

Watch the new episode above to follow Nick’s step by step detailed guide on what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, and HOW to do the right things in order to transform yourself from a good bodybuilder with “okay” legs to a great bodybuilder with fantastic legs.

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