Nick Trigili breaks down whether or not you can buy your way into a champion winning physique.

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One major conversation that happens around bodybuilding is how expensive it is to be a pro bodybuilder. The supplements, the competition fees, the gym memberships, the mass amount of food they need to eat. It all adds up. On top of that, unless you are winning the top major competitions you won’t be bringing home a massive amount of cash. So this begs the question – does more money equal a better physique?

Nick Trigili breaks down this topic by asking a more specific question – can anyone work themselves into being Mr. Olympia if they had unlimited money? Essentially, can you buy your way into the best equipment, supplements, and (maybe) drugs to become better than the rest of the competition? Does the reigning Mr. Olympia champion have an easier time saying a champion because of the large prize money he receives every year?

At it’s core, this all goes back the argument that “steroids magically make people bigger and stronger.” Which of course, is not true. Sure, money helps make things easier. You can get the top notch supplements, food, and equipment and not have to worry about making ends meet. But the HARD WORK is not something that can be bought. And good GENETICS are not something that can be bought.

At the core of every sport… at the core of every goal… is the WILLPOWER that separates the average athlete from the best in the world. No amount of money can buy that willpower. Again – sure it can make things easier – but you need to have something deep inside yourself to become a champion.

Nick explains it best and in great detail in today’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach. You can check it out above!

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