Nick Trigili breaks down training the often overlooked glute muscles.

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When people first think about training glutes – minds immediately go to female bodybuilding and bikini competitions. This is understandably so given the way pop culture puts emphasis on different body parts for men and women. But don’t be mistaken – training your glutes is just as important for men as it is for women in bodybuilding.

The art of perfecting the physique is just that – making sure every single inch of the body is perfected and aesthetically pleasing to meet judges standards. That’s why it can be a huge mistake if you don’t put focus on your glutes at some point in your training and contest prep.

Nick Trigili breaks down the training tips and tricks that all bodybuilders should keep in mind while putting themselves through a grueling workout. Take his advice to heart and include these tactics into your training – and you’ll certainly get the edge over the rest of the competition! Check it out in this week’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach above!

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