Everything you need to know about active recovery for perfecting your physique.

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In bodybuilding, recovery is just as important as the training. That might sound counter intuitive because deep down you want to keep doing hard work. But your muscles need time to recover in order to grow. This all sounds easy right? What’s easier than resting? But when you are trying to reach a pro level in bodybuilding – recovery suddenly becomes something you have to actively do beyond simple resting.

That’s why Nick Trigili breaks down everything you need to know about active recovery, the different form it takes, and the importance of making recovery a main focus of your training routine.

If you’ve followed any legendary bodybuilder or top pro bodybuilder on social media or in documentaries – you’ll quickly notice that the make the extra time to schedule massages not because they want to pamper themselves but because they HAVE to in order to continue to improve to the top level.

So get in the know and learn all the ways you can improve your active recovery in this week’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach above!

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