Nick Trigili gets real about insulin use in bodybuilding.

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When bodybuilding and drugs are discussed – the conversations often revolve around the general term steroids. But a drug that has been increasing in use with each passing decade is insulin. Bodybuilders take insulin to increase stamina and improve endurance. It’s also used to increase muscle bulk as it stimulates glycogen formation, which feeds the muscles during a workout. Lastly, insulin works to prevent the breakdown of muscle protein, which also helps a person bulk up.

But it’s also a very dangerous drug and something that should not be used lightly. Much like steroids – it is illegal for recreational use. But unlike steroids – it can have a much more immediate negative impact on your health.

The sad truth is that insulin is being used by bodybuilders and increasingly so by younger bodybuilders aspiring to be the next mass monsters. That’s why Nick Trigili spends this episode of The Bodybuilding Coach breaking down in detail the very real dangers of insulin. Check it out in the video above!

Note: Generation Iron does not indorse or promote the illegal use of drugs. This video is purely for informational purposes only.

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