Nick Trigili breaks down the delicate balance of building muscle but keeping clean aesthetics.

THE BODYBUILDING COACH – is a weekly digital series hosted by Nick Trigili that breaks down the biggest topics, training guides, nutrition tips, and realities behind supplements & drugs in bodybuilding. Based off of a perfect balance of research and personal experience, Nick will go in-depth about how the new era of bodybuilding works with tried, true, and valuable information that is rarely discussed elsewhere. New episodes air every Wednesday.

Bodybuilding is a very delicate balance of building up mass muscle and then cutting down into a shredded and aesthetic physique. Part of the reason the Classic Physique division was invented was to bring attention back focus onto the aesthetic side of bodybuilding. Nice clean lines, a V-taper, and overall proportions that create a flow that is pleasing to the eye. Build up too much muscle and you can come across blocky, lumpy, and swollen.

This is the risk most Men’s Open bodybuilders take in the era post Ronnie Coleman – where putting on as much mass as possible is paramount to standing out in the crowd. This can come at the cost of distended bellies and “cloud-like” muscle.

But the main goal for any bodybuilder should be to avoid this at all costs. Which is why Nick Trigili is focusing on ab development in this episode and how to avoid your physique from becoming too blocky and destroying your aesthetics. Everyone wants shredded abs – but can an over emphasis on the midsection lead to a bodybuilder’s downfall? Find out in this week’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach above!



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