The Death of Russian Deadlift King Konstantins Konstantinovs Shows Us to Push Like Today is Our Last

Konstantins Konstantinovs taught us to push like everyday is our last.

The saying that everyday can be our last is a statement that many take for granted. As humans we always believe that there’s one more day to do something, one more day we can waste, one more day we can relax and allow the day to pass us by because we’ll get a second chance tomorrow. For Konstantins Konstantinovs, that notion was absurd.

A Latvian Russian former deadlift record holder, Konstantins Konstantinovs proved himself to be one of the strongest human beings to ever walk the earth. Now, he has passed away at the age of just forty.

Along with his career as a powerlifter, Konstantins Konstantinovs was also a bouncer. According to some sources, the powerlifting standout may have lost his life in the line of duty.

While the details surrounding his death are still murky, what is clear as day is the message that Konstantins Konstantinovs has left behind in his wake. The powerlifter was always a believer that a person should push themselves everyday as if it’s their last. Rather than sitting and waiting for things to fall in your lap, you should be striving to achieve greatness in anything you’re doing each day.


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“.. ты можешь поднимать столько, сколько ты хочешь. Никогда не надо забывать, что с любым из нас, в любой момент может произойти все, что угодно.. и завтра, и следующих соревнований может уже не быть. И если у тебя есть возможность, если у тебя есть силы сделать рекорд, никогда не переноси это на завтра. Завтра может просто не наступить.” Константин Константинов. “You are able to lift as much as you want. You should always keep in mind that this day may be the last for us and the “next competition” will never happen…. So that, if you feel that you can lift the record today, never postpone it for tomorrow. Tomorrow may just will not come”. Konstаstin Konstаntinov.

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RIP Brother Покойся с миром брат

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Konstantins Konstantinovs’ death has sent a shock wave through the strength and fitness community as the powerlifter’s world record RAW 939.2 pound deadlift remains a major inspiration to athletes around the world to this very day.

The Generation Iron team sends our condolences to the family of Konstantins Konstantinovs.

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