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When most people talk about female bodybuilding the image that comes to mind are hulking woman with physiques far larger than what you’d expect from an athlete of the fairer sex. Female open weight bodybuilding is no doubt impressive for competitors to actually put on massive muscle, something that is usually reserved for male athletes. But if you were to ask anyone, male or female alike, the aesthetics of a female open weight bodybuilder isn’t exactly the most desirable. Obviously an argument can be made against that, but I’m of the opinion that a woman can both be strong and still have feminine qualities.

Women like Iris Kyle deserve merit for their accomplishments, there’s no doubting that, but where classic female aesthetics are concerned, the build of the women in the open weight bodybuilding class isn’t exactly ideal. But women the likes of open weight class competitors aren’t the only females that are considered to be bodybuilders. Women in the physique, fitness, and even bikini divisions are also considered bodybuilders, albeit of a different ilk. There are also others who may not be serious competitors that still have great classical feminine physiques while at the same time having great strength and athletic ability in their own right. Massy Arias is all that and more.

Besides being natural beautiful, Massy is an athlete through and through. The L.A. based fitness trainer and Instagram icon has proven to be one those women a fitness enthusiastic gentleman would happy to have by his side. She’s strong, independent, and motivational. Hell, it’d be hard not to be into fitness with a woman like her by your side. With a play attitude and a serious dedication to improving herself and those around her, it’s hard not to admire Massy. Just check out the vid below and tell me she’s not the girl of your dreams.

TAG A FRIEND WHO WANTS TO BE CHALLENGED. BEASTMODE BURPEES…JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT BURPEES COULDNT GET ANY WORSE HAVE T DONE ANYTHING BEASTMODE SO HERE YOU GO… I am using 20lb Dumbbells. 5 sets of 10 reps Work your core, coconuts, legs, core, chest, triceps, biceps, back, calves…pretty much everything. Tip: keep neutral spine at all times, land softly when jumping…and breathe…. #MA30day going well, down 5.2lbs closer and closer to my show let’s get it! Will show you results of some of our #MAwarriors today so stay tuned. I ONLY HAVE 50% OF EVERYBODY WHO SIGNED UP FOR CHALLENGE ON MY PRIVATE SNAPCHAT SO PLEASE ADD ME TO GET UPDATES AND MORE. Next challenge is in October #themassymethod #godschild ________________________________________ MENCIONA A UN AMIGO QUE QUIERA SER RETADO. PENSABAN USTEDES QUE LOS FAMOSOS BURPEES NO PODÍAN HACERSE MAS DESAFIANTES? PUES TRATEN ESTA VARIACIÓN ( para niveles avanzados o intermedios). Tengo dos mancuernas de 20lbs 5 series de 10 repeticiones. Trabaja abdominales, cocos, piernas, pecho, tríceps, bíceps, espalda, pecho, pantorrillas, y hasta los hombros. Consejo: mantener una espalda neutral todo el tiempo, aterrizar levemente en los talones, y respirar controladamente. #MAreto30 va de maravilla, baje 5.2lbs acercándome a mi meta. Estaré mostrando algunos resultados en breve de los #GladiadoresMA. El próximo reto viene en octubre! #elmetodomassy #hijadecristo

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