The Korean Hulk Is Real And His Name Is Je-Yong Ha

Totally Awesome Hulk.

Feats of the supernatural are a rarity to behold or at least what cynics and skeptics may say. But reality that’s a stance that doesn’t hold water. Feats of superhuman ability happen everyday. It may be at your local gym or at the track. Athletes aren’t the norm, they are actually superhuman when you compare their accomplishments to most others that walk the earth. Where a track athlete may demonstrate superhuman speed or endurance, strength athletes like bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen demonstrate superhuman strength. In the fitness community it’s normal to see a new up and comer who people compare to a comic book character. Je-Yong Ha is the actual embodiment of several heroes put into one larger than life packaging.

Je-Yong Ha didn’t get his nickname of the Korean Hulk by mistake. Besides looking the part, Je-Yong Ha has proven himself to be an incredibly powerful individual. But besides his acts of awesome strength, he also happens to be a very wealthy man as evidenced by his Instagram page that sports a healthy following. While comparisons to Dan Bilzerian may come to mind for some, it would be even more accurate to compare Je-Yong Ha to the current incarnation of the popular Marvel character The Hulk, Amadeus Cho.

It just happens to be a coincidence that there is a Korean Hulk in comics and another live and in the flesh in the real world. Need some proof that Je-Yong Ha doesn’t just simply look the part but has the strength to back it all up? Then check out the posting below of the beast putting up a hefty amount not of weight.

Korea benchpress championship Gold medal !!! ???? ??? ????? ????? ???? 1????? ??????? *^0^*

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If that wasn’t enough check out these impressive barbell curls.

Curl 95kg 10 reps !!!

A video posted by Je-yong Ha (@koreanhulk) on


Did we forget to mention this guy has some massive arms as well?

With ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? !!!

A photo posted by Je-yong Ha (@koreanhulk) on


So do you think Je-Yong Ha has a shot at portraying the Korean Hulk if it ever hit the big screen?

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