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PJ Braun begins his journey into packing ice cream with protein isolate.

THE MUSCLE MOGUL – is a digital series starring PJ Braun, a bodybuilder and daring business entrepreneur. Fast cars, wild animals, powerful guns, and big business are all commonplace in PJ’s life. But after his company was raided by the FDA and a nasty divorce, PJ found himself at the end of his rope. This is the story of how he persevered and became one of the most exciting and luxurious bodybuilding business owners in the industry. New episodes air every Friday.

Despite the trauma and the hurdles that PJ Braun and Blackstone Labs have had to overcome – the key element that has helped him and his team survive is not only perseverance but also innovation. Daring to change the world of nutritional supplements through methods that others thought would be impossible.

One venture PJ dove into on this journey of innovation was ISO-Cream, a brand of protein isolate packed ice cream that would be made purely of Blackstone Labs protein powder. An ice cream truly for bodybuilders.

In this week’s episode we chronicle PJ as he dives headfirst into trying to make ice cream for bodybuilders a reality – and we see the hurdles and pressure that he and his team must be under in order to not only effectively innovate this new product but to time it perfectly with the Arnold Classic and reveal it to the world. Watch the full episode of The Muscle Mogul above!

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