PJ Braun details the comeback of Blackstone Labs and its future.

THE MUSCLE MOGUL – is a digital series starring PJ Braun, a bodybuilder and daring business entrepreneur. Fast cars, wild animals, powerful guns, and big business are all commonplace in PJ’s life. But after his company was raided by the FDA and a nasty divorce, PJ found himself at the end of his rope. This is the story of how he persevered and became one of the most exciting and luxurious bodybuilding business owners in the industry. New episodes air every Friday.

As of this week, PJ Braun has been in the headlines for a very different reason than our show The Muscle Mogul. Specifically, PJ Braun has been indicted on federal charges alongside Aaron Singerman due to allegedly being misleading about ingredients in his supplements and also certain ingredients being illegal to sell.

But PJ Braun has already issued a statement that he is going to fight these charges and believes that he is innocent. That statement rings true to his mentality in today’s episode. PJ Braun believes in Blackstone Labs. He believes in it so much that he decided against a very lucrative offer to sell the company.

PJ has situated himself as not only a mass monster but as a well beloved boss, successful businessman, and to also “celebritize” himself via social media and his charismatic personality.

So we’ll let you decide. Is PJ Braun a man who truly believes in his company, his family, his employees, and his customers? Is he standing right by his product and his community? Or is he hiding something darker? Watch the episode above to find out!

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