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How hustle and passionate loyalty led to Blackstone Labs becoming a top fastest growing company.

THE MUSCLE MOGUL – is a digital series starring PJ Braun, a bodybuilder and daring business entrepreneur. Fast cars, wild animals, powerful guns, and big business are all commonplace in PJ’s life. But after his company was raided by the FDA and a nasty divorce, PJ found himself at the end of his rope. This is the story of how he persevered and became one of the most exciting and luxurious bodybuilding business owners in the industry. New episodes air every Friday.

Blackstone Labs is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Not just in the fitness industry but across all industries in the country. In this week’s episode of The Muscle Mogul, PJ Braun takes us in depth into the machinations of the company and how the passion and unwavering loyalty to the company’s success helped make it a standout amongst others in the industry.

For PJ there is never one project happening at a time. We witnessed the beginnings of PJ’s attempt to innovate protein through ice-cream but he has a whole lot more on his plate as the Mr. Olympia looms near.

PJ is partnering with Fresh Meal Plan to provide bodybuilders with the necessary supplements and meal prep they need all contained in one package. On top of that he has a budding clothing line that started off as simply free merch… but grew into something else entirely. And then finally we have a new line of products that are supposed to launch at the Mr. Olympia expo… but issues with finalizing the product might make it one of the most insane crunches PJ has ever experienced in recent memory.

Behind all of this is an unwavering spirit and a loyalty across his employees that make up the backbone of these high profile and high stress projects. The company is like a family and the love for the sport, the brand, and each other makes what they accomplish incredible.

Experience that first hand in this week’s episode of The Muscle Mogul above!

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